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We pride ourselves on delivering creative solutions to complex operation & talent challenges.

Our Portfolio

As former business leaders, we’ve walked in your shoes and often have direct experience with the same challenges you are encountering. With our seamless collaboration, you’ll be more prepared to unlock the potential of your cross-boarder organization and drive meaningful impact. 

Out major experience and focus:

We have more than 12 years search experience to attract extraordinary leaders with uncommon vision for the renewable energy industry sector. We have ongoing works for years at the cutting edge of the consumer sector - Retail and eCommerce - for years.  We have consulted grass-rooted UAE businesses for its global operations. Our Internet & Multimedia practice has extensive experience helping cross-border organizations navigate leadership and business challenges.

Together, we can transform people, organizations and the world through leadership. 

- Maha Gharbi, Founder, Nomor Cosmetics - a Green Coast Company
“Without SLK ME, I could not develop my first product in South Korea where highly sophisticated ODM partners that understood my requirement quickly and shifted those into productization. The cross-boarders collaboration was so easy thanks to SLK ME's guidance”  
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