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Meet SLK Middle East
We build value by bringing our extensive global investor's network to professional investors in the Middle East.
Founder and General Manager
Molly Sun Min Moon

Based in Dubai, Molly Moon drives global funds allocators and global professional investors toward the Middle East. Orchestrating mandates of global stakeholders and investors, she has been shaping MENA ecosystem that compasses capital, technology, and markets. Drawing 30+ years experience in negotiating with governments, institutional funds, and professional investors in both Korea and the UAE, she brings extensive investors and partners network to grow values in both markets. Previously, in a Korea tech government arm, Molly has led public incubator and managed fund of funds to support tech ecosystem, and led global desks in Silicon Valley, London, Beijing and Singapore. For the latest 10 years in the UAE, she has advised Korean corporates' entry and investment in the UAE. She is UAE Advisor for Korea Center for Digital Transformation and holds MBA from Columbia Business School in the City of New York, USA.

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