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Our Service
We unleash cross-boarder value creation. We gather global stakeholders to maximize the success of their investment in the Middle East.

Cross-border Capital Planning

We endorse our exclusive global network for funds, which are ready to the Middle East investment experts, with vision, mission and value.

Global Alliance Conferences

We compile our privileged global capital network across all source of funds, and create rapport for the Middle Eastern investment experts.  

Global Portfolio Transformation

We source for Middle East investment experts to grow portfolios globally and, vice-versa, to grow foreign portfolio locally with the Middle East industry exposure. 

Global Investment Roadshow

We convene exclusive top senior executives for Middle East investment experts and navigate creative vehicles to execute mutual vision, mission and value  in the Middle East.

What Our Clients Say

Night of Seoul
jose profile.jpeg

Jose B. Marquino, Investment Director, Creek Capital (DIFC)

We are prudent about investors relations in "accepting funds," especially if it is originated from foreign funds. However, when SLK Middle East came up with their privileged investors' network with responsible mandate, that eased us to close our fund and invest in Korean energy firm, which built UAE asset, and finally exited in three years.

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